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Parenting Support 

Raising our children is an invitation to raise ourselves.

Sourceful Parenting offers you 1:1 or family support to grow, mature and heal together with your child, unfolding from within.

Through these sessions, I support you in building a respectful relationship with your child, in creating a free, safe and nourishing space for development that naturally includes attending to your own needs.

You are welcome to meet in a session or for a free 20 min conversation.
Parenting groups are also available at certain times.

Another resource on your parenting path is this course, that my mamafriend and colleague Laura Shaw and I have put together. From years of supporting each other in a safe, nourishing and inspiring way came the Mothersphere - six modules of what we found most useful, free live calls throughout the year and a supportive community of other mothers.

By fully accepting this invitation to grow with our children we can make a difference in all our relationships - from our relationship with ourselves and the way we meet our inner challenges, to our relationship with the world as a place for authentic unfolding. Every edge invites us to pay skilful attention to ourselves and the other. Thus, we open up to deepen our experience in unexpected ways. 

I support you with and guide you through this essential inner process. Together, we walk along the path of your own evolution, tapping into the potential that parenting offers you.

About sourceful parenting

We, humans, are autopoietic beings - organisms “that make themselves“, as termed by neurobiologist Humberto Maturana. (“Creation” forms a “creature”, an autonomous living being: the “producer” and the “produce” are identical = we create who we are.) This potential within every child can be nurtured through the adult-child relationship. 

To support this unfolding, the role of the parent is actually simpler than we might think. Observation and research show that feeling loved is the fertile ground for learning and living our potential fully. Simply recognizing this can already bring relief.

Our BEING transmits to the child, not our words - that is parenting from Source. An invitation to make ourselves the crucial factor we naturally are in this relationship, nourishing the base from where our children grow and expand.


"The long-lasting childhood and adolescence of us human beings, where our development is always linked to an appropriate relationship with at least one adult, seems to be a kind of evolutionary strategy [...] through which new perspectives for all generations can open.

That way adults, too, are given the opportunity to get into fresh contact with the origin and mature through living together with children.“

Rebeca Wild, Stages of Development.

If you want to make a difference in the life of every child you take care of,  I offer one-on-one or family sessions that will support you through the three pillars of Sourceful Parenting:

The quality of the relationship - a respectful and non-directive way of being with your child: meeting each other through eye contact, respectful touch, mature, simple and calm language, presence & alignment with what is happening in the moment;

A prepared environment  (as Maria Montessori initiated it) - creating a rich, nourishing, safe and calm space to be, to play freely and to learn in alignment with the various developmental stages. This offers the foundation of a relaxed, joyful & creative atmosphere for different age groups;

Self-parenting - self-awareness, self-care and the realization that the child in me resonates with the child “out there”. Trigger points serve as pointers for our own growth, offering the potential for deep healing and maturing.


If this resonates, please connect - I would love to support you.

My inspiration

Brain research and being a mother have taught me two fundamental truths.

First, each child (each human being, that is) has the basic biological need for unconditional love (=being connected to another), in a way that they can FEEL it.

Love for a human being is what light, water and soil are for a plant.

FEELING LOVED is what makes all the difference: it relaxes the whole system and physical, emotional and mental processes work at their best.

Second, to grow up healthy and undistorted, each child needs authenticity (=being connected to themselves). This means sensing their physical needs, feeling their emotions, having connected thoughts. If a choice needs to be made between getting love or staying true to themselves, biologically love comes first - it is an imperative. 

From conception onward, we are constantly invited to make a myriad of daily choices, which all come down to this ONE choice: do we look for orientation outside of ourselves or do we live our lives unfolding from within, trusting the guidance of our Source?

For the child to experience conflict between the need for love (= being connected with another), and the need for authenticity (= being connected with myself) is the root cause of all our struggles as “grown-ups”: relationship issues, self-worth, addictions… The whole bandwidth of suffering starts here.

In our modern societies, the need for authenticity is often suppressed by conditioning and trans-generational trauma. As children who have suppressed their need for authenticity, we grow up to become caretakers who feel disconnected from our needs, doubtful or unworthy of love. Hence, what was originally a simple biological task - raising children from the wellspring of our own riches - can now feel like a sharp edge and a challenging struggle. 

It is possible to stop this cycle and become the change that we want to see in the world.

Here self-parenting comes into play as an essential building block of this work. It requires taking this little child in you by the hand and being willing to stay connected with yourself from moment to moment. While my support comes from outside as a kind reflection and offers you the connection we are designed to feel, the answers and the fulfilment you are longing for as an adult will be found INSIDE, deep in the core, that stays untouched and connected to the truth of who you are.

I will meet you there. It's the path less traveled and the way to raise resilient human beings with sustainably wired brains, connected to their hearts. 

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