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Folge Deiner Quelle

Entfaltung von Innen

Unfolding your human potential.

Are you truly thriving or do you find yourself unhappy, burdened with life issues, relationship struggles, feelings of hopelessness, overwhelm or addiction?

Is there an intuition in you that  “this can't be all”? That there is something deeper to life?


I offer to support you in your discovery of what these challenges are pointing you to - the natural wisdom and fulfilment of your own Source.


Welcome to connect, for a session or a free 20 min conversation

What does a session include? 

  • Being a True Friend for you, present with an open heart and an empty mind

  • Self-inquiry using the Enneagram of character fixation as a skilful map of the human psyche

  • NLP and hypnotherapeutic tools, which allow us to work with the unconscious (theta brain waves = relaxed state). They offer more direct, creative, and empowering access, at the root of wounds and problems.

  • Non-directive spaceholding - unfolding from within

  • Trauma-informed: fully respecting your unique journey, timing, and style

My inspiration

My inspiration started through my own journey of overcoming anorexia and bulimia as a teenager and young adult. I learnt that every experience that hasn’t been fully processed gets frozen in the body, stored away in the subconscious to protect us. But once that threatening situation has passed, this “freezing” limits our life force and consumes our energy. This has long-term repercussions not only for our wellbeing, but also for our health. 

“When you shut down emotion you're also affecting your immune system. So the repression of emotion, which is a survival strategy, then becomes the source of physiological illness later on.“ Gabor Maté

Are you longing to break free from basic survival knots and to be fully alive, healthy and present now? Welcome!

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to support you in healing at the deepest level. In tuning the brain waves to theta frequency - deep relaxation - the natural wisdom of our unconscious can be accessed.  Our body is our ally in this process – all is stored here, including the innate wisdom to "shake it off" and restore the system. Rather than focusing on how to repair "all that stuff" on the surface of our lives, this is an invitation to true transformation at the root of all problems. And a transformed "you" experiences a different reality.

This process of transformation has its own pace. The body (including the brain) releases memories and allows for change to happen at the best possible time and under the best possible terms. This is the survival intelligence encoded in our genes - and survival comes before quality of life. Some shifts happen quickly. Others take some time to be unpicked and unfold as we’ve spent years trodding that other path. 

Through my own experience, I learned to trust this process of life and to open to follow the natural flow of energy.  This trust and openness is where I meet you. I am honoured to walk with you for a while and invite you to unleash your own full human potential.

A valuable tool for the unfolding of your unique potential are the Gene Keys - deeper than setting goals or creating visions, they offer you 11 personal keys through your hologenetic profile and are based on the I Ching.

This map invites you in a new way to explore the frequencies of your challenges and gifts.

Richard Rudd, the author and first student of the Gene Keys' approach, re-introduces the ancient art of contemplation: a calm, spacious and honest way to expand into the totality of who you are.


I am in the process of becoming a Gene Keys Guide and all the products can be ordered through my affiliate link:

Every cell of our bodies is doing two essential things:

Listening and responding.

And while our DNA provides a lot of information, we constantly influence how these building blocks are coming alive in us.

We are in a continuous process of recreating ourselves.

Find out more through the introductory and free material on the website:

Welcome to meet for a session

As we live our lives, we inevitably face problems and challenges. We often spend our energy trying to solve, fix or remove them. That is quite natural. However, in our fixing momentum, we are missing an invaluable opportunity to learn from these experiences and discover what’s deeper than that.


What if the problems are pointers and challenges are invitations?

They can be our wake-up call to expand, grow and deepen the quality of our lives. They are merciful reminders directing us towards living a fulfilled life, free of inner stress patterns, neediness, fear and anger. 

From experience I know that this freedom is possible for you, and the relief you long for - the so-called “answer” - is already within you. I offer you support as an empathetic listener to be seen and heard just as you are; to allow everything that is calling to be felt and be witnessed in that. 

With my background as a mother & a partner, a mentor & a therapist,  a relative & a friend, I offer you practical tools and a safe space to feel loved. Love as the creating and healing force of the cosmos is the great power of transformation. This opens the natural way for healing, allowing you to connect to yourself and your authenticity. Here, all the answers are found, or rather: all the questions fall away.

Here is the fulfilment that we all long for.


I support you to connect with your own innate wisdom, become your own best friend and relax into your Source, trusting life.


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